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US Patent #6,464,091 B1
CA Patent #2,268,510
Everyone wishes they had more clothes storage space in their home. From the bedroom to the laundry room, when unexpected guests arrive, and especially with a growing family each day brings new storage challenges.
Introducing InstaHANGER!
InstaHANGER allows you to create extra hanging space on the back of doors, on walls, and in any area you need extra space. A perfect laundry room organizer.  InstaHANGER allows you to drip dry delicates, hang clothes straight out of the dryer to eliminate ironing, and hang freshly ironed clothes close to your ironing board. Create a place to hang coats and hats during winter, prepare your clothes right next to your dressing mirror, and even have a place to hang wet swimsuits and towels by the pool or RV. InstaHANGER provides 12 inches of hanging space, but is strong enough to hold up to 50 pounds of weight! This convenient and durable hanging extension makes a great gift too! Use this space saver to provide a clutter-free and affordable solution to any storage issues you encounter inside and outside your home or RV.
InstaHANGER! wherever you need extra storage space:
Laundry room - Storage room - Guest room - Foyer - Office - Pool - Studio - Dorm room - Basement - Garage - RV - Boat - Home gym -Sewing room - Bedroom - Sauna - Hot tub - Back door - Balcony ...
InstaHANGER will:

· Organize the laundry room or utility closet
· SAVE ENERGY! Dry your clothes indoors or outdoors
· Maximize existing closet space
· Install at any convenient height
· Add storage to RVs & boats  
What can you use InstaHANGER for?