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Country Classic

UPC – 685802852356

The AH12CC combines a beautiful, Native North American inspired design of a “Dream Catcher on Canoe Paddle” with the clothes storage convenience of InstaHANGER . Made of solid Pine with a chromed steel hanging rod, the unit is finished with multiple coats of satin clear lacquer.

“Dream Catcher on Paddle” Symbolic image of First Nations Heritage comes together to grace the practical storage convenience of InstaHANGER…naturally in solid Pine.
Country Classic
Create instant hanging/drying space with this unique space saving fold-away rod. Attached to any narrow slice of wall, this decorative wall piece will add interest & beauty to the front foyer, guest room or any room in your cottage/bunkey or home. Ideal for RV’s too!

Simply lift up on the cover to create 12”of instant clothes storage or fold it flat to a thickness of less than 2” when not in use. It can be installed at any convenient height. Installed close to a heat source or in the laundry area, it’s perfect as a decorative wood wall piece turned clothes dryer to air dry damp clothes & jackets.

Finely finished in clear lacquered Pine with a chrome-plated steel rod, the unit cleans easily with a damp cloth.

InstaHANGER supports up to an amazing 50 lbs. of weight.
Organize your front foyer, laundry room, guest room, sewing room, mud room, office, studio, student dorm room, bedroom, bathroom, change room, cottage, boats & RV’s.

Requires no floor space creating a “CLUTTER FREE ZONE”.

Included are instructions, mounting hardware & mounting template for ease of installation.


Dimensions Open – 18″ H X 3″ W X 14″ D (46 CM H X 7 CM W X 35.5 CM D)

Dimensions Closed – 18″ D X 3″ W X 1 5/8″ D ( 46 CM H X 7 CM W X 4.1 CM D)