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Danny and Diane in the Whaler

A need for storage leads to a cutting-edge invention!

Invented in Toronto Canada by a custom builder, the InstaHANGER storage solution creates a convenient and durable way to solve space issues in every home. Danny Nagasaki and wife Diane an interior decorator commercially developed the InstaHANGER, after the need to dry clothing outdoors compelled them to create a custom designed, wall mounted clothing storage device that could be utilized throughout the home.

What about the unique triangle shape?

After testing the design and function of the InstaHANGER with several different models the couple was able to combine strength, durability and an unobtrusive design to create an attractive & space saving clothing storage solution. The innovative triangular design is what sets the InstaHANGER apart from other storage enhancers because it combines an incredible 50 lb. weight capacity with stylish functionality.The triangle is the strongest geometric shape available, and will hold it’s form under extreme tension.

What else can InstaHANGER offer?

Soon after, the QuikCLOSET evolved from the use of two separate InstaHANGERS, allowing the creation of up to five feet of closet strength storage space anywhere inside and outside your home. After years of research & development, the InstaHANGER is now available in durable plastics & different shades of solid wood. This exceptional storage enhancer can now be purchased throughout North America, UK, Japan and Australia.

Organize your home, simplify your life!