Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the end of the InstaHANGER rod seem difficult to remove from the entry slot of the sliding channel?
The entry slot was designed that way so that the end of the rod will not eject easily or unintensionally when opening the unit. The stiffness will not damage the InstaHANGER.

Why does there appear to be excessive lateral or side movement of the InstaHANGER bracket when opened?
For safety concerns against accidental injury, the unit was designed to give way rather than stand too rigid when opened.

Can the QuikCLOSET be closed against the wall with the telescopic rod attached to the InstaHANGERS?
No, the QuikCLOSET was not designed that way. You will find however that after continued use, the telescopic rod removes or installs easily in just a few moments.

Why is the QuikCLOSET so strong even though it’s brackets are made of plastic?
The plastic used is ABS which is an extremely strong & durable plastic. The same plastic that is used for among other commercial or industrial uses, fabricating plumbing drain pipes & fittings. The steel tubing of the telescopic rod is heavy gauged & designed for free support. Also, the triangle is the strongest shape known to man. Trusses and bridges are designed by using a series of triangles to span unsupported for great distances. Together these three features result in a light weight and very strong closet system.

Why is it when I installed the base of the InstaHANGER against the wall, the cover section will not stay attached?
This is a common question. Assembling the cover to the base can be confusing. The quickest way to know if the base has been installed correctly is by looking next to the sliding channel of the base section. If you can read the patent numbers and the country of origin, then the base has been installed backwards. Simply slide the base off of the screws & turn it over so you cannot see the printing. To install correctly, reattach the base to the cover first as shown on the line drawing of the “marking template”. The hinge pins at the top of the cover should slip in behind the hinge cups at the top of the base section. Those two cups will hold the hinge pins against the wall and the cover section to the base section. Simply slide the assembled parts on to the mounting screws & tighten just snugly.

Once I have installed the InstaHANGER to the wall, why can’t I access the top screw to tighten it?
You must lift the cover up high enough. To do so, pull the end of the hanging rod out of the entry slot of the sliding channel. Once out, use the rod to push the cover up high enough to access and tighten the top screw. Once tightened, push the end of the hanging rod back into the entry slot.
Lift the rod in the track to close the cover flat against the wall.

Can I paint my InstaHANGER?
Yes you can with the proper paint for ABS plastic.
Krylon brand paints make a product called “Fusion”. This paint will bond to the plastic InstaHANGER. They have a variety of colours available.

What is the InstaHANGER return policy?
If you are not satisfied with our products please return for refund or replacement (less shipping charges) within 60 days. Our products are guaranteed for a period of 1 year.